Who can benefit from VR content?

Everyone can benefit from experiencing immersive and education content from VR Study Trips™. The following case studies help illustrate the variety of uses for this content and technology:

Limited Mobility

Travel is often difficult for those with limited mobility, especially to remote or rugged destinations.

See how our VR content transports viewers to places once thought unreachable.


Whether traditional or homeschool, content in virtual reality engages students in immersive and exciting ways!

See how our VR content transforms the learning experience in the classroom and home.

Faith Communities

Pilgrimages to holy lands have formed the faith of generations throughout the centuries. What if everyone could make that journey?

See how our VR content illuminates the ancient context of our faith traditions in our modern world.

Families & Individuals

For those of us who are life-long learners, content in virtual reality provides new and exciting ways to explore the world around us.

Learn how our VR content is developed by experts in their fields.