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We provide immersive and educational experiences through guided virtual reality videos.

What is a virtual study trip?

A virtual study trip is an immersive educational travel experience in a box.

Inside the box:


A rented VR headset preloaded with a series of immersive 360° 3D videos about a specific topic. In every direction you turn and look, you see the location with breathtaking dimensionality and sound.


The headset is pre-loaded with 360° 3D videos that will envelope your senses. In each immersive video, you are transported to destinations where you meet an expert and explore aspects of a topic.

A study journal is a combination study guide and journal that provides key information with space to jot your own notes.

We hand-pick a special souvenir from local vendors that will remind you of this experience. Found at shops and roadside stands along the trip route, these mementos provide a tangible reminder of your trip.

Postcards with photos from each destination. Write a personal note and send them to friends and family or keep them for yourself.

Group Options

We also partner with schools and organizations to host one-time events and provide long-term access and support.

Laura Daningelis

"Guided VR videos are invaluable tools in my teaching plan. They have sparked an excitement to learn in all my students."

Erin Grush — Educator
Lisa Beasley

"I've been able to broaden my child's world without the cost and stress of family travel. Guided VR videos bring the world's languages, cultures, and perspectives to them."

Lisa Kellar — Parent
Art Duren

"With guided VR videos, we don't just read a story. We stand in the middle of it. These immersive experiences enrich and deepen the faith of my congregation."

Reverend Art Watson — Pastor

Why VR?

Nothing compares to the experience of traveling to destinations and learning on a study trip. There is something about physically immersing yourself in an unfamiliar space that opens you up to new ideas and insights.

Unfortunately, few people have the opportunity to go on a study trip because there are significant barriers.

Barriers For Going On Study Trips


The terrain can be too extreme for those with limited mobility. The fatigue that accumulates can be difficult for some to endure.

With VR:

VR brings the locations and lessons to you without needing to hike mountains, sweat under a blazing sun, or climb in and out of buses.


Getting 5+ consecutive paid days off can be difficult. If you care for family at home, it may be hard to schedule around your absence.

With VR:

VR enables you to plan your travel experiences around your schedule so you can be present for your family and present for the lessons.


Study trips can start around $2,500 and increase with every attraction — and that doesn't even get you your own room!

With VR:

VR provides a similar experience at a fraction of the cost so you can do more with your money and sleep in your own bed.


Security lines, legroom, exotic food, jet-lag, bathrooms, regional conflicts — there can be too many things to worry about.

With VR:

VR removes all of those traveler anxieties and brings far off destinations to you in the comfort and safety of your own home.

What part of the planet will you explore today?

Experience guided VR videos on any computer, device, or VR headset.

Who can benefit from VR content?

Everyone can benefit from experiencing immersive and education content from VR Study Trips™. The following case studies help illustrate the variety of uses for this content and technology:

Limited Mobility

Travel is often difficult for those with limited mobility, especially to remote or rugged destinations.

See how our VR content transports viewers to places once thought unreachable.


Whether traditional or homeschool, content in virtual reality engages students in immersive and exciting ways!

See how our VR content transforms the learning experience in the classroom and home.

Faith Communities

Pilgrimages to holy lands have formed the faith of generations throughout the centuries. What if everyone could make that journey?

See how our VR content illuminates the ancient context of our faith traditions in our modern world.

Families & Individuals

For those of us who are life-long learners, content in virtual reality provides new and exciting ways to explore the world around us.

Learn how our VR content is developed by experts in their fields.